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Near Rotsteinpass
Town of Appenzell Train Station

Jason KAHN

Voice and Sky (CD + Book)


Format: CD + Book

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"Voice and Sky provides both a look at a previous work, On the Breeze – a series of public space interventions and text / sound installation – and an extension of that work in the form of a book and CD publication. My view is that an installation or any kind of work dealing with the idea of space – be it a public space or a designated art space – can only be fully experienced by being in that space first hand. In the case of On the Breeze, using material gathered hiking extensively through the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, the final installation could only really be understood or felt within the context of the place the exhibition was held.

The installation’s use of the recordings made during the interventions and the text I wrote during my hikes through the mountains were directly intertwined with the environment one walked through to get to the exhibition, which was scattered throughout the Swiss countryside of Appenzell Ausserrhoden near the small town of Gais. The idea of reconstructing On the Breeze in book and CD form would be impossible. The point of publishing this book, then, isn’t about creating a documentation but quite simply to share my experience working on the public space interventions and the ensuing installation. It is my feeling that the text and recordings on the CD impart something universal and untethered from the context of the original installation. The primary material of On the Breeze was in fact not these texts or recordings but the very space itself and my experience there, inserting myself through voice, movement and text. Voice and Sky chronicles this process". (Jason Kahn) 

Cat. number: EDITIONS 007
Year: 2018