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Wah​-​Wah Whispers - Excerpt 1
Wah​-​Wah Whispers - Excerpt 2
Wah​-​Wah Whispers - Excerpt 3
Wah​-​Wah Whispers - Excerpt 4

Michel Banabila

Wah​-​Wah Whispers (Clear LP)

Label: Bureau B

Format: Clear LP

Genre: Experimental

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Ever since he released his music in the early '80s, Michel Banabila has been hard to pinpoint to a specific genre or style. His musical output includes jazz, experimental cut-up electronics, world music (especially influenced by the Fourth World music as developed by Jon Hassell), New Age, eclectic pop tunes, music for dance or other stage projects, and soundtracks for TV productions. Wah-Wah Whispers focuses on Banabila's more recent output. It is a collection of works showcasing many facets of his music: a journey visiting the minimal and cinematic sample scape in the opener Take Me There, a robotic reggae-like rhythm (Tic Tac), contemplative ambient / fourth world scenes evolving into a downright funky beat (Hidden Story), the synth version of Secunde, and more. The album ends with a kaleidoscope of atmospheres gradually building up to a noise climax in Narita (the only collaboration track on the album, with Rutger Zuydervelt / Machinefabriek).

Cat. number: BB363LP
Year: 2021

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