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When the Past Arrives (Lp)
€ 21.00
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woo - When the Past Arrives (Lp)
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When the Past Arrives (Lp)

€ 21.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. DC584 /Y12 | YEAR. (2018)

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Emboldened by the success of the recent reissue of It's Cosy Inside, Mark and Clive had a listen to hundreds of previously unreleased tracks recorded in the 70s and 80s to assemble their first new record in two decades, When The Past Arrives, out in March from Drag City / Yoga Records. With comparisons to Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Animal Collective, Cluster, and Brian Eno, Woo's profile in the world of atemporal music has been growing for years. For the lucky few who know, like Fela, or Neu!, Woo has their own instantly recognizable vibrantly pulsing sound, a quiet sound of comfort and contentment.
"If we got something good happening it would continue into the early hours. I remember one morning waking up still sitting at my keyboard, the phone as my pillow. The woman below us would thump the ceiling with a broom handle when she got sick of the noise, so that influenced a lot of what we could do and how we would work: drums became triangles, clarinets were played real breathy, guitars were plucked, not strummed. Even hitting the keyboard keys were not to be struck too hard. This new album is mainly a result of these late night recordings. Soft melodic compositions created on either piano or guitar, then multi tracked with improvisations and harmonic patterns". (Clive) 

When The Past Arrives is a collection of deceptively airy jams, addictive, crystalline. Uncut called It's Cosy Inside "the epitome of domestic bliss," and Pitchfork observed the album "stakes itself on the premise that the most cosmic and revelatory experiences you'll ever have will all happen between your house and the backyard." As if to answer, the Ives brothers selected a vocal track to complete the album, which asks, 

"How far out, will you go today 
up the garden path?" 

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