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Mike Majkowski

Why is there something instead of nothing

Label: Bocian Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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This, Majkowski's third solo double bass release, is an album comprising of two pieces, which in their own way explore the relationship between stillness and momentum. The spectrum and resonance of particular sustained frequencies, and the atmosphere which they create is also at the core of this work. Majkowski captures these aspects via specific and highly detailed playing approaches, sustained over extended periods of time. We hear an inner pulse in slow melodies, and floating, almost frozen, frequencies in rapid physical actions. Listening to this music, one cannot help but feel the immense concentration undertaken during each performance, and the remarkable precision with which Majkowski plays the double bass. These pieces create worlds of their own, which the listener is invited to step into.Regarding the evolution of this work, Majkowski states:"These two pieces were developed and refined over the course of approximately 7 months. Recording and listening back to the pieces as I was developing them was central to this process, and something I did countless times over".

The music on this album has a sense of mystery about it, and a particular open-endedness to it. It is Majkowski's most intimate work to date. 



Mike Majkowski, born 1983, is an Australian/Polish double bassist/composer currently based in Berlin. Outside of his solo work, Majkowski works with Chris Abrahams and James Waples in Roil, with Lukasz Rychlicki and Pawel Szpura in Lotto, with Jim Denley in Blip, with the ensemble Konzert Minimal, as well as other collaborative projects. 

Cat. number: BC-MAJ
Year: 2014

Recorded & Mixed in June 2013 Berlin | Mastering in September 2013 Warsaw.

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