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Riz Ortolani

Zeder (LP)

Label: AMS

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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** Black vinyl LP ** Zeder (aka Revenge of the Dead) is an horror movie directed in 1983 by Pupi Avati. The film was shot in Emilia Romagna (Italian northern regions), in the area between Bologna and Rimini, with the exclusion of the scenes shot at the beach and in a children summer camp building, still visible today, in Milano Marittima and the scenes in the open and interiors shot in Cesenatico, near the liberty lighthouse. This film became a cult for the fans of the horror genre, and Riz Ortolani wrote a macabre and dramatic tones OST entrusted to synthesizers and a string section performing an obsessively recurring theme. The composer has created the right atmosphere using dissonant sound passages alternated with a solar Reggae motif for summer scenes at the waterfront.

Cat. number: AMLP158
Year: 2021

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