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New Arrivals

Townes Van Zandt - 50th Anniversary Edition (LP)
50th Anniversary edition of Townes Van Zandt includes: 180 gram remastered vinyl, tip-on Jacket with obi strip, inner sleeve with autheticated lyrics.Townes Van…
LP | €29.90
Silence in that Time
**300 copies** A new work by David Jackman (Organum), The follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed album Herbstonne, Silence in that Time is a direct offsh…
CD | €15.00
Suite For Max Brown (LP)
Deluxe tip-on Stoughton jacket plus insert sheet with self-portrait photo and credits, IARC obi strip and dome-patterned inner-sleeve. The label behind Angel Ba…
LP | €26.90
Max Brown, Pt. 1 (7")
Tortoise mainman Jeff Parker throws down the lissom, balmy jazz-fusion of ‘Max Brown’, the final track of his ‘Suite For Max Brown’ album as a tease for the pro…
7" | €12.00
Self-care (Special edition)
**50 copies special edition** "Self-care is made up of documentation of a three day trip to San Francisco in the fall of 2018. I spent the majority of my time t…
CD | €17.50
**150 copies** "Self-care is made up of documentation of a three day trip to San Francisco in the fall of 2018. I spent the majority of my time there in a pleas…
CD | €13.50
**200 copies** "Farol is the sound portrait of a monumental architecture : the 25 Abril bridge in Lisbon. The 25 Abril bridge is a symbol for the Portuguese cap…
CD | €13.50
Woodland Sigil
**200 copies** "During the summer of 2017 my girlfriend and I drove through the heart of Sweden. For the first time ever on a holiday, I took my hand-held recor…
CD | €13.50
Being There
**170 copies** "This album is a field recording. It’s a field recording of me recording music. It’s a recording of my room and the street outside. One track was…
CD | €13.50
Something Veiled
**175 copies** "This work consists of recorded materials at ‘Abukuma’ and ‘Irimizu’ limestone caves on Abukuma highland, Fukushima. Water is plentiful there, an…
CD | €13.50
Mountains and Waters
**200 copies** "Mountains and Waters is an elegy to the Holocene epoch and to the quiet places that have been lost. The Holocene reaches back some 11,700 years …
CD | €13.50
**200 copies** "Tombland at night or day, at certain times, feels like a ghost-town. One moment I am swept up by the passing traffic, in another I have turned i…
CD | €13.50
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**150 copies** "Reclaim brings to mind two classic pop songs: Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” (1970) and Talking Heads’ “Nothing But Flowers” (1988).  In the …
CD | €13.50
Severe Liberties
ErstAEU is a new CD imprint, launched by Erstwhile Records to help document the work of young American experimental musicians working in a post-electroacoustic …
CD | €15.00
I Love This City and Its Outlying Lands
"Panelák. Fenced square garden at the entrance. Tree limbs, dried skin of snake, snails with cracked shells. Once upon a time there were plants. Soaked orange p…
Tape | €7.00
Lignes de Fuite
"It is raw material rather than tool. Polished metal body or beslavered tube. Just tenor sax at the end of its pilgrimage. It is sculptural object - assemblage …
Tape | €7.00

Best Sellers

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Outside The Dream Syndicate (LP)
Tony Conrad and Faust’s classic minimalist totem drones on in a new edition presented by the brilliant Superior Viaduct reissue label. A masterpiece for dreams
LP | €12.00
Nothin To Look At Just A Record (Lp)
Immersion. Everything and nothing, suspension is supreme. A visceral listening experience.
LP | €12.00
Duo Exchange: Complete Sessions (2LP)
A Free Jazz masterpiece is again on the block—bigger and better than ever. Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe Duo Exchange is legitimately re-released on LP for the first…
LPx2 | €48.00
'Africa' Live At The Carnegie Hall 1971 (LP)
**Super limited** The musician and spiritual seeker Alice Coltrane was much more than just John Coltrane’s second wife. One of the few harpists to feature promi…
LP | €17.90

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