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baudouin oosterlynck

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baudouin oosterlynck - 1975-1978

baudouin oosterlynck


€ 50.00

LABEL: Metaphon
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CDx4 box deluxe + 80 P BKLT | CATALOG N. METAPHON 001 | YEAR. (2008)

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Recordings of prepared piano, voice and objects of which most material is previously unreleased. Hardboard linen LP box contains 4 LP’s with separate covers and a 34 page booklet with notes and photos from B.O. Signed and numbered edition of 300 copies.
"possibly the most ridiculous / covetable experimental-music edition that’s crossed my foldable iceberg table since it was relocated earlier this year - four lps in their own individual sleeves, tucked into a cloth-bound / embossed box along with a signed, 36-page 12” x 12” book by / about the belgian outsider artist / musician baudouin oosterlynck ...
seriously ... this thing makes a vinyl-on-demand set look like a soul-jazz comp ; but i digress ... let’s talk about the music on offer ; all recorded in oosterlynck’s private studio (images

below) between 1975 and 1978, with prepared piano being the main sound-source (also voice - often slown-down using tape-manipulation ala henri chopin - as well as saw, mallet, guitar, cane, tuner’s key, etc ...) - the pieces have an almost zen-like palette - simple gestures are repeated in regular intervals, creating an ominous sound-field in whichever space you choose to listen ...
before i go and, of course, highly recommend this to just about anyone who still values both the unearthing of the complete, prime-era works of an otherwise hitherto unheralded outsider musician and the impeccably presented record-object, i would like to point out to mms’ international customers that, much like the dijkstra set, a very large part of the costs here involve the transport of these four-pound boxes from belgium to the united states ... i urge anyone closer to belgium than boston to get a copy from the a-musik shop or another european dealer, instead of asking me to again post this back across the atlantic ...
anyone else, my doors are, as always, wide-open to your personal musical discovery ..." Mimaroglu

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