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A Sea of Faces - excerpt 1
A Sea of Faces - excerpt 2
A Sea of Faces - excerpt 3
A Sea of Faces - excerpt 4

Archie Shepp

A Sea of Faces (LP)

Label: Black Saint

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

In stock

Recorded in Milan (Italy) and originally released in 1975, Sea of Faces stands as one of Archie Shepp's strongest recordings of the Seventies. A highly varied program, covering Shepp's entire spectrum and performed by an all-star line-up featuring Archie Shepp - tenor & soprano sax, piano, vocals, Charles Greenlee - trombone, tambourine, vocals, Dave Burrell - piano, Cameron Brown - bass, Beaver Harris - drums, tambourine, vocals, Rafi Taha - vocals, Bunny Foy - vocals, maracas, percussion. The album includes the famous 26 minutes long Hypnosis a groovy extended jam in full spiritual Jazz mode.
Cat. number: BSR002LP
Year: 2020

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