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Basil Kirchin

Abstractions of the Industrial North

Label: Trunk

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist, recorded in 1966! Reissued for the first time. The complete album Abstractions Of The Industrial North is on this recording, and we have added a selection of recordings from other rare Kirchin, Jack Nathan and John Coleman productions, including 'The Wild One', 'Don't Lose Your Cool', 'Town Beat' and finally 'Mind On The Run'. These are all ten inch De Wolfe releases, are exceptionally rare and includes some incredible session musicians, including Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan. As library music goes, Abstractions is unlike any other recording. It's possibly the most beautiful but worst library music ever made, in the way that it doesn't adhere to or follow any normal library music genre. It is wonderfully sad unforgettable music, with the signature Kirchin hypnotic grooves stirring it all up every now and again.
Cat. number: JBH 012
Year: 2005

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