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Black Pus

All My Relations

Label: Thrill Jockey

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

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"Black Pus is Brian Chippendale, who rose to prominence as the drummer of noise rock titans Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer. All My Relations is constant forward motion and audible physicality. Chippendale's furious drumming style is ever present and instantly recognizable, but the pop element, which Chippendale explored in more contained ways on earlier Black Pus releases, is more fully integrated. Tracks like '1000 Years' and 'Hear No Evil' bear a snarl and a smile, the sound of wild abandon that is both aggressive and inviting. Chippendale creates maximalist music out of the simple elements of drums, vocals, and an oscillator triggered by the kick drum, looping and repeating phrases, and rhythms in a way that can only be called meditative."

Cat. number: thrill322lp
Year: 2013

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