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Hartmut Geerken


Label: Qbico

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Experimental

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Pratically impossible to make it brief here, HGeerken: author, composer, musician, film-maker, performer, actor, mycologist, archivist, stager of exhibitions, publisher of numerous authors from the circle of literary expressionism and dada, lumberjack, bumble-bee-keeper. during his six-year stay in Egypt in the 60's he is co-founder (together with Salah Ragab and Edu Vizvari) of the Cairo Jazz Band as well as founder and head of the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble. played in various music groups: Embryo, trio with John Tchicai and Don Moye (extensive tour of Africa) and also with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. he worked with Sunny Murray, Don Cherry, Okay Termiz, Peter Kowald, Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Michael Ranta, ect... today Geerken possesses one of the most comprehensive Sun Ra archives (waitawhile sun ra archives). his book omniverse sun ra (1994) ,which contains a first all-embracing discography of the musician, has meanwhile grown to be a priceless cult book. together with James Wolf from the library of congress in Washington DC , he's editor of the recently published collected poems and philosophical works of Sun Ra (the immeasurable equation 2005).This is Geerken 1st ever solo release (a major event indeed !) and it was recorded under the influence of magic mushrooms (dried amanita muscaria). one of the instruments played here is Sun Ra's Sun harp (a Bulgarian bandura).
Cat. number: QBICO 75
Year: 2008

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