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Brageiki - Luna nueva para el Perú
Ivanka Cotrina - Yachag
Kevin Salkeld & Juan Pablo Egúsquiza - Venucia (ciudad flotante)
Marcelo Mellado - Viento en Círculos
Vanessa Valencia Ramos - Plantas Medicinales Contra el Patriarcado


Anthology of Experimental Music from Peru

Label: Unexplained Sounds Group

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock


* Edition of 200 * Once overlooked as a source of great music, producing everything from psychedelia to punk, and ethereal bliss to powerful riffs, Peru is rapidly advancing to the forefront and a well-deserved spot the history of musical evolution. Being that experimentation has always been a common denominator in everything Peru has delivered to the world, Unexplained Sounds Group is proud to release this compilation detailing how these experimental and risk-taking tendencies have been developing.  Keeping its focus on contemporary artists rather than on those coming from the "50s Generation" (as the first composers are referred to), the aim of this anthology is to highlight the genre's evolution from Valcárcel’s fusion of European avant-garde influences with Peruvian folklore, to the current day, in which artists like Paola Torres Núñez del Prado or Vanessa Valencia Ramos keep pushing the envelope, creating a new identity for future artists to follow.

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