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Arantzazu Close & Far - excerpt 1
Arantzazu Close & Far - excerpt 2
Arantzazu Close & Far - excerpt 3
File under: solo instrument

Jean-Luc Guionnet

Arantzazu Close & Far (LP)

Label: Vert Pituite La Belle

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Nearly 15 years after the edition “Maison.House II-V” – in duet with his electroacoustic friend Eric La Casa – Vert Pituite La Belle is pleased to collaborate once again with Jean-Luc Guionnet, this time alone and at the organ.
For Arantzazu Close & Far, the vinyl medium makes perfect sense: two sides, two versions of the same sound event, the recording of the same improvisation on the organ of the basilica of the monastery of Arantzazu in the Spanish Basque country, realized during a residency of a few days in this high-place of the history of the region at the invitation of the collective AudioLab. On the first side, we hear the sound recording made by a pair of microphones arranged closer to the organ while the second we hear the same improvisation but from the bottom of the monastery.


I work since 1993 to an experimental approach of the church organ (Pentes, Tirets) : 1) we control a machine 2) the organ is halfway between vehicle and artificial intelligence : it is a public transport : a ship, a barque, a boat, a building within a building 3)passing the machinery to the filter of listening, gesture and architecture 4) bringing the blast into the space : ventilate 5) make this organ sound not like this other one 6) express the organ as one says about lemon. The blast is endless"  Jean-Luc Guionnet

File under: solo instrument
Cat. number: VPLB1801
Year: 2019

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