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Jean-Luc Guionnet

Plugged Inclinations


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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“I work since 1993 to an experimental approach of the church organ (Pentes, Tirets) : 1) we control a machine 2) the organ is halfway between vehicle and artificial intelligence : it is a public transport : a ship, a barque, a boat, a building within a building 3) passing the machinery to the filter of listening, gesture and architecture 4) bringing the blast into the space : ventilate 5) make this organ sound not like this other one 6) express the organ as one says about lemon.

The blast is endless. And since 2005, to an extension of the results to the electric organ (« Gezurrezko Joera ») : 1) find ways to get into the experience with an electric vehicle 2) arranging keyboards as we used to assemble organs (great, récit, positive, choir) 3) consider the functional state of each keyboard and play with it 4) go back in the machine as we go back in a train of thought & 5) transplant of an helpful member, a mixing desk is added to the keyboards : carburetor, distributor, central nervous system 6) microphones take care in examining the device 7) no other effects than these : organic device. And the electric current is endless too. Neither the blast nor the current do need me.” (Jean-Luc Guionnet)

Cat. number: LX007
Year: 2016

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