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David Grubbs

Borough of Broken Umbrellas (10")

Label: Blue Chopsticks

Format: 10"

Genre: Experimental

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David's debut on vinyl as a solo guitar improviser. Unhurried probing through spare themes for electric guitar and nylon-string acoustic. "Strange to say, but Borough of Broken Umbrellas is David Grubbs's first record of solo guitar improvisations, a profoundly unhurried probing (sometimes worrying, like a tongue and a tooth) of a handful of gorgeously spare themes. It divides its sides between two long (c. 12') tracks for electric guitar and nylon-string guitar. Comparisons are unnecessary and perhaps misleading. On the surface, the Guitar Roberts (Loren Connors' former nom-de-guitar) albums on St. Joan? Tetuzi Akiyama in his more lyrical mode? Jozef van Wissem's mirror-image melodies for lute? Japanese koto and Korean kayagum sanjo music? Borough of Broken Umbrellas is living-room music in real time, with the windows open."

Cat. number: BC24
Year: 2014

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