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Luc Ferrari

Cycle des souvenirs

Label: Blue Chopsticks

Format: CD

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The innovative composer co-founded the GRM institute with Pierre Schaeffer and would go on to help define 'Musique Concrete' with his unique tape-based works. His album 'Presque Rien' which featured heavily edited field recordings is a classic in its field and has influenced countless experimental music producers since its release. 'Far-West News (Episodes 2+3)' is the most recent release to come from the Ferrari camp and is based around recordings the composer made on a trip along the West Coast of America in 1998. The pieces rely on conversations in English, French and Dutch, environmental recordings and subtle synthesized work to create a feeling of travel and of documentary. We are hearing Ferarri and his wife as they explore the Grand Canyon or as they stop at a diner on the way to LA but at the same time this is music, this is sound art. The subtle interplay between the vocal elements, atmospheric sound, edits and synthesized parts make this a hugely intriguing listening experience and one of the best discs of its kind I've heard for some time. An essential purchase for avid followers of musique concrete or just listeners who want to hear a genuinely poetic piece of sound art.'
Cat. number: BC 8
Year: 1970

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