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Label: Blue Chopsticks

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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In 1999 MATS GUSTAFSSON became a star in Chicago. The Swedish reed player's performances with various groups, including KEN VANDERMARK, FRED ANDERSON, KENT KESSLER, HAMID DRAKE, MICHAEL ZERANG, FRED LONBERG-HOLM, and numerous others--not to mention the newly minted PETER BROTZMANN TENTET--are already legendary. While contributing to David Grubb's "Thicket" (DC160) of last year, the pair became terminally sidetracked w/ recording the two lengthy duets for harmonium and saxophone, and harmonium and fluteophone that make up "Apertura". A serious & challenging drone-fest that will zone you out! The second release on David Grubb's new label, Blue Chopsticks.
Cat. number: BC 02
Year: 1999
Recorded 1/19/98 at Überstudio, Chicago. Cover: Clear Sky/Garden Addition (silver print/graphite/plexiglas frame, 31" x 31").

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