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Comet Meta - excerpt 1
Comet Meta - excerpt 2
Comet Meta - excerpt 3

David Grubbs, Taku Unami

Comet Meta (Lp)

Label: Blue Chopsticks

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Grubbs and Unami are fully in third-mind territory after their touted 2018 debut, Failed Celestial Creatures. From pindrop twin-guitar focus to Grubbs’s piano maneuvering in Unami’s electroacoustic forcefields, to unclassifiable throbs, ceiling fans, and the exultation of the crowd at the NYC marathon, Comet Meta casts a gorgeous avant spell. With resumes as long as their arms, restart their conversation. You'd be forgiven for thinking on occasion of gossamer Gastr-isms. Think instead of Comet Meta-isms!

Cat. number: BC32
Year: 2020
The six wordless narrations of the album [are] balanced on the thin line that separates comfort and discomfort, dreamlike suspension and awareness, instances that on closer inspection coexist, at the same time or alternately, in art as in life.

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