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Shocks! Shocks! Shocks! - Excerpt 1
Shocks! Shocks! Shocks! - Excerpt 2
File under: Japan

Violent Onsen Geisha

Shocks! Shocks! Shocks! (Tape)

Label: Vanilla

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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** Comes in a snapcase with a numbered cassette has no label and a numbered j-card with different address stamp from 1st press. ** Violent Onsen Geisha's 91 debut for Vanilla. This is the mega tape wich kicked open the gates of fame for Violent Onsen Geisha. Thanks to Keiji Yamabe, Naohiro Ukawa (Mon'N'Dad), Atsushi Sasaki, Vanessa and Lenny. Dedicated to Chuck Connors (1924-1991)

File under: Japan
Cat. number: Vanilla-4 C62
Year: 1991