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Label: Blue Chopsticks

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Cheerful Mats was dragged into the studio last year by David Grubbs for the ostensible purpose of contributing to a Thicket-in-the-works. The pair instead became terminally sidetracked with recording the two lengthy duets for harmonium and tenor saxophone and harmonium and fluteophone (Mat's invention -- a flute with a reed mouthpiece) that make up Apertura. Listening to Apertura, the first question is 'who is doing what?' It's not certain that even the artists themselves know." Two long tracks (65 minutes total) of deep, evolving drone, in what has to be the most lovable/likable Grubbs concoction to date.
Cat. number: BLUE 011CD
Year: 1901
Recorded 2/20/02 at Gröndahl, Stockholm.
Mixed at Rare Book Room and Studio 423, Brooklyn.

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