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Univers Zero


Label: Rune Grammofon

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Clivages is Univers Zero's first new studio album in over five years. They have spent the last five years performing at prestigious rock and new music festivals throughout Europe and North America and ever-widening their audience. Founding members of the original "Rock In Opposition" [R.I.O.] movement and the inventors of "chamber rock", Univers Zero have continued to change and grow and develop over their entire career, while still keeping a ensemble sound and spirit that is easily recognizable. Clivages is their first studio album in over five years, but much more importantly, it is their first studio release since 1986's Heatwave to feature the energy and sound of a working, rehearsing, live ensemble performing in the studio! It features the current line-up of the group who have been playing concerts and working together for quite some time now: Michel Berkmans (bassoon, English horn, oboe), Kurt Budé (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax), Pierre Chevalier (keyboards), Daniel Denis (drums, sampler), Dimitri Evers (bass), Martin Lauwers (violin) and guest Andy Kirk (guitar and percussion). Univers Zero are rightly famous for finding the perfect balance between classical and rock influences and drawing on musicians from both worlds. In terms of this, Clivages is possibly their best-balanced release, featuring a couple of small chamber works for the trio of strings, reeds and double reeds of the group. The rock side has not been ignored in any way, however and in addition to contributions from band members Denis, Budé and Berckmans, Clivages features Andy Kirk's 12' piece "Warrior", which harkens back to the sound of the band circa Heatwave! Originally founded in 1974, Univers Zero are rightly famous for their perfect balance between classical and rock influences, a balance that is shown especially well on Clivages. During their first lifetime, they released Univers Zero (1977), Heresie (1979), Ceux Du Dehors (1981), Crawling Wind (1983), UZED (1984) and Heatwave (1986) until their breakup in 1987. Leader Daniel Denis reformed the band in 1997. In 1999, they released The Hard Quest. Rhythmix followed in 2002 and Implosion was released in 2004. Since 2004, the band has been touring regularly for the first time since 1986. In 2006 they released their first-ever live recording, Live, and an archival release of unheard late 80s recordings, Relaps, followed in 2008. Recommended if you like: Magma, Bela Bartok, Dead Can Dance, King Crimson, Igor Stravinsky, Henry Cow, Frank Zappa."-Cuneiform

Cat. number: rune295cd
Year: 2010

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