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Kevin Drumm


Label: Bocian Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Breathtaking slab of the black stuff from peerless drone/noise (de)composer Kevin Drumm - with "spectral editing and time domain consultation" by Russell Haswell. We shouldn't need to tell you that this is a big deal. But, in case you're a bit daft; it is. Haswell helps out on the wormholing A-side 'Repetitive Algae'; a single tract of cacophonous, morphing rhythmic noise reminding of Philip Corner's 'Coldwater Basin' - a home recording of cold water running from a faucet into a basin - but metaphorically replacing the cold water with shards of gravel, and the basin with a cement mixer, resulting a seemingly endless circular churn of psychedelic noise, accentuated in no small part by Haswell's astonishingly spacious "spectral editing and time domain consultation' render. The B-side 'Rediki' starts out with the distanced sound of buckling, wrenched, and torrid guitar distortion before invading your space with resonant subbass drones and shrill highs which recede and spill forth in lysergic waves of intensity until a final blowout of jet propelled distortion that's just left us decked. This is just so damn heavy...!!!

Cat. number: BC-KD
Year: 2012
  1. Recorded, mixed, edited at Pathetic Bubble Studio 2009-2012.

Source material for Repetitive Algae recorded in 2007.

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