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Label: Susan Lawly

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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Penultimate and incredible controversial album - marking a revolutionary new approach in style, includes 16-page booklet featuring extensive lyrics and information Produced by William Bennett, except 'public' by Steve Albini Mastered by Denis Blackham; definitely one of Whitehouse's best albums. As far as complaints about it being too short: well, many of the Whitehouse albums that the folks on this list state as being good starting points or favorites ("Dedicated To Peter Kurten", "Buchenwald", "Great White Death", "Halogen", "Mummy & Daddy") are under 30/35 minutes in length, so I don't see what all the fuss is about. I always had the impression that Bennett was kind of fulfilling yet teasing you @ the same time by giving you great, brutal music & ending it right @ the point when you're really into it & want to experience more (You can proceed with as many obvious sexual analogies here as you want...) If WB didn't care about the quality of his music, then he wouldn't have (rightfully) bitched about the (alleged) poor re-mastering of the World Serpent(?) re-release of "The 150 Murderous Passions". And, the quality of the Whitehouse albums has increased immensely since their early days. Their themes have become more focused & the guys are using different approaches to achieve the same impact that they want to. I wouldn't call "Dance the Desperate Breath" a power electronics track, but it's certainly creepy & is one of the best things they've done."
Cat. number: SLCD024
Year: 2001

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