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Birthdeath Experience - 1
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Birthdeath Experience (Legacy Re-Issue)

Label: Susan Lawly

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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The seminal classic first Whitehouse album released in 1980, one of the most important and influential records from the embryonic field of electronic and industrial music

‘Birthdeath Experience’ was the band’s first album, recorded in 1980 and using only an effects pedal, two synths and a tone generator. Official reissue of the 1st Whitehouse album, originally released on the Come Organisation in 1980. Includes William Bennett's original LP design. Includes the warning: "Extreme electronic music: please acquire with due caution." "The place it all began: the seminal first album by Whitehouse. Even to this day, it is a remarkable piece of work created entirely with tone generators and EDP Wasps, and lyrically full of what would be their uncompromising trademark irony. It would prove instrumental in dragging avant garde electronic music a long way from its initially limited boundaries.

Cat. number: SLCD006
Year: 2020

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