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Paul Chain

Detaching From Satan Remastered

Label: Minotauro

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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** 2021 Stock. With 2 Bonus Tracks - Pentagon Society and Vivid Eyes In The Dark ** The spirit of Paul Chain's music is definitely identifiable to anyone who is immersed in the mysticism of Pentagram, Trouble, Sleep and others of the emerging scene of the early to mid 80s, but where usually a few little nuances make these acts distinct, PC has staked out territory all his own with an extremely exaggerated variant of the sub-genre that has lost none of its mystique in the passing decades. 2017 Remastered Edition. Paul Chain, Guitar and Vocals. Paul Dark, Bass. Eric Lumen, Drums. Gilas, Vocals in 17Day.

Cat. number: HRR 148
Year: 2017