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Far-out garage blues from the unpredictable talent of Henry Flynt, here in collaboration with C.C. Hennix. The two lengthy improvisations here straddle the borders between unrefined bluegrass and free-jazz improv. Flynt's freetime chord phrasings are given some context by the elaborately off-kilter beats supplied by Hennix, but the overall feel here is one of primordial, rock & roll chaos. While you'd expect a certain amount of soloing in such long-form improv workouts, expectations are subverted by an emphasis on low-end chug - but this is rhythm guitar without the rhythm; old-fashioned R&B without the 'R'. "The Dharma Warriors was the elemental guitar / drum rock concoction of Henry Flynt & C.C. Hennix. In 1983, the pair hooked up in Woodstock at Hennix's rented house and let freedom ring with two lengthy boombox recordings. "Warriors of the Dharma" and "Mount Fuji on My Mind" are classics of unrefined blues boogie & unhemmed stoner rock." (Boomkat)

Cat. number: L114
Year: 2008

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