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Atrax Morgue

Early Experiments of Intense Pathological Sounds (7 Tapes Box)

Label: Urashima

Format: 7xTape Box

Genre: Noise

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Atrax Morgue is the brainchild of Marco Corbelli as sound project started in the early nineties and focused in various areas related to the field of psychopathology: murder, violent death, sadism, necrophilia, schizophrenia and insanity. The primary influences come from projects as Brighter Death Now and Whitehouse, pioneers of a minimal, evil and visceral electronic; and from the legendary projects Mauthausen Orchestra and The Sodality. The main manifesto of Atrax Morgue is the analysis of the death, his perfection and complete habituation: injections of death to continue to live.
'' Cristiano, Urashima’s mega-boss, has sweetly asked me to write a few words about Corbelli. I can only start by saying that Marco’s output was mostly produced in a period in which I was starting to find those subject matters less thrilling, not to mention the fact that I have never really enjoyed violent electronic music, except for one band, therefore I am the less competent person to write about his music and its presentation. But I liked his work, because it came from Sassuolo, which to me means tennis and food; because the cassettes and CD’s were accompanied by lovely letters; because Marco looked great in his Carmelo Bene outfit, and he was charming good company. I was always surprised by his crush on The Sodality, as that was all about the celebration of pleasure and life, quite opposed to his deep-rooted idea of the pointlessness and vacuity of living. Anyway, I can guess he would be happy, like Pierpaolo would, to have his recordings still accessible to an audience through Urashima's re-issue work.''
Andrea Cernotto – The Sodality


Urashima continue the tribute to the degenerate art of Atrax Morgue, one of the greatest exponent of the industrial/power electronics in Italy with an amazing wooden box that include all tapes released in 1993 and 1994 on Slaughter Production:

: In Search Of Death

: Black Slaughter

: Necro-sintesi

: Collection In Formaldeide

: Necrophiliac Experience

: New York Ripper

: Woundfucker

Include 7 inserts in A5 format, 1 insert in A4 format and a card hand numbered in 99 copies!

‘’With this fifth work ATRAX MORGUE enter definitely inside the sick world of necrophilia. Welcome. The high technology of Death; enter the cold-dark room of generators, electronic death machines, cadavers and plastic bags. We have the sintetic death inside. Our orgasms are black, macabre. There are aseptic and pungent odors in the dark room; generators and machines keeps the bodies in perfect conditions for fucking. There is the body of an obese woman; I make a deep cut on her belly. ‘’ [from a visionary necrophiliac experience]



Cat. number: URA 016 22
Year: 2017

wooden box, 99 copies