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Rolf Julius

Early works vol. 1 (1979/82)


Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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VERY LASTY COPIES. First release of the early sound installations from the German sound artist Rolf Julius, ranging from 1979 to 1982 : Music on Two High Poles (1979), Morning Song (Berlin Concert Series, 1981, in collaboration with Joan La Barbara), Music for the Earth (Berlin Concert Series, 1981), Music for the Eyes , (1981), Music for a Pane of Glass (1980), Music for a Yellow Room (Berlin Concert Series, 1982), Chamber Concert for Three Loudspeakers, (Berlin Concert Series, 1982), Concert for a Frozen Lake (Berlin Concert Series, 1982). 500 copies.
Cat. number: Fringes Archive 04
Year: 2008

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