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Rolf Julius

Für einen kleinen See


Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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This album is for the downward gaze. Taken from leftover piano sounds of simple sound sequences which Aki Takahashi had recorded for him. There were these irregular noises to be found which makes the connection from ear to eye. At the exhibition the piece was played back under a sheet of glass. Over which black pigment was sprinkled through a sieve. whereas a simple. Open loudspeaker was installed underneath the glass... Rolf Julius' works are always catalyzers for increasing attention to the things surrounding us. This has secured Julius an unmistakable place in the spectrum of contemporary art. He for himself is more influenced by people like Wittgenstein or John Cage...In a world meanwhile overflowing with artworks in energetic brush strokes and equipment playing fortissimo. his works murmur visually and acoustically as if they had always been present. The small sounds can originate in musical instruments. they can be natural sounds. and Julius often works with simple things such as buzzers. For Julius. music is everywhere. It isn't important which sound-producing devices he uses. Julius often uses them in contradiction to the normal method...
Cat. number: btc 005 c
Year: 2012

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