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Achim Kaufmann, Dieter Manderscheid, Martin Blume, Tobias Delius

Frames & Terrains (Lp)

Label: NoBusiness Records

Format: LP

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Edition of 300. A long improvisation with lots of angles and dark corners – served up in a way that really builds up tension, while also providing lots of compelling stops along the journey! The music is never too full-on, but always has a sense of complexity – strong interplay between the group right from the start, with Martin Blume on drums and percussion, Tobias Delius on tenor and clarinet, Achim Kaufmann on piano, and Dieter Manderscheid on bass. Things get a bit more tentative in the last third of the record – before the tension builds up again right at the end!

Cat. number: NBLP 114
Year: 2018
Genre: Jazz