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Free Soap (Lp)

Label: Music Gallery Editions

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

Original 1979 LP, few copies available and of course long out of print. This is the original Music Gallery Edition release from 1979. Free Soap is CCMC’s (the improvisational music ensemble led by Michael Snow) masterpiece, especially the incredible real-time tone poem ‘a.k.a. February 13th’ that takes up the first side of the LP. The piece begins with sparse strokes of marimba, trumpet, synthesizer, bowed bass and piano moving into the brilliant middle section which uses long silences in a way that anticipates Onkyo by over 30 years and then builds into an all out free-scorcher which sounds like it could have been off a Center of the World LP if not for the electronics and steel drum which keep it lifted, weird & diversely Canadian.


 Casey Sokol – piano, steel drum, Yamaha organ
 Michael Snow – Piano, trumpet, marimba, siren electric piano, aluminum foil, percussion
 Nobuo Kubota – siren, strange horn, whistle, cymbals, drums, crackle box, alto sax, duck, glockenspiel
 Al Mattes – Buchla synthesizer, bass, shell casings, horns, marimba, bells, steel drum
 Peter Anson – Buchla synthesizer
Cat. number: MGE 22
Year: 2019

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