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Alexander Turnquist

Hallway Of Mirrors

Label: VHF Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Folk

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VHF is releasing a bunch of solo guitar dudes over the next few weeks. Here's one of 'em! It's an album from New York's Alexander Turnquist called Hallway of Mirrors. It says that above so it's kinda pointless me saying that. Having said that the New York thing was a new bit of info so it's not all filler! I've not heard this chap before but I was rather taken with him on first listen. It's not a million miles away from the likes of James Blackshaw.... ie extreme 12 string fingerpluckery which is swathed in romanticism and will tug at your heartstring(s).  It's epic stuff and the sound is fleshed out with a vibraphone which adds another dimension to it. The album is full of repetitive mantras which suck you into to another world and will leave you emotionally exhausted. It's moving stuff and from the heart it sounds.
Cat. number: vhf126lp
Year: 2011

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