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Best of 2016


Heteronormativ Musik For Att Starka Medelklassens Sjalvbild

Label: Second Sleep

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

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If the term "noise" still makes sense in 2016 it is thanks to figures as Tommy Carlsson and his project Treriksröset.
Since the beginning of 2000s Tommy had offered some of the most inspired harsh noise ever heard. Simple and complex at the same time the sound of Treriksroset is pushing the boundaries of the genre, and except the pure harsh noise output he can also experiment with low-key electronic or dig with static frequency studies as he did in a series of cassette releases together with Sewer Election.
Heteronormativ Musik För Att Stärka Medelklassens Självbild is his first solo lp in over a decade, previously releases as a small private edition, and present two of the most refined and focused pieces by Carlsson.
Edition of 200


Cat. number: SS071
Year: 2016

Edition of 200 copies

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