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Best of 2020
I Should Have Been a Gardener - excerpt 1
I Should Have Been a Gardener - excerpt 2
I Should Have Been a Gardener - excerpt 3
Best of 2020

Alessandra Novaga

I Should Have Been a Gardener (LP)

Label: Die Schachtel

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

**Edition of 200, yellow vinyl, 180 gr. heavyweight LP + extensive booklet** I Should Have Been a Gardener is the last solo Alessandra Novaga’s album. The main inspiration is Derek Jarman, his diaries, his garden, his life: it is a portrait of the man, inspired by the life, the death, the political commitment, and the garden, a fresco composed of the music that Jarman loved and listened to. Sound and silence work together, music seeks redemption and purification in a living and sick atmosphere at the same time, like his garden at Prospect Cottage, a magical place, where colorful flowers that bloom between the stones, and crosses built by rusty irons left on the beach by the sea, coexist between the sea and a nuclear power plant.

Cat. number: DSZEIT16
Year: 2020

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