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Imaginary Borders - Excerpt 1
Imaginary Borders - Excerpt 2
Imaginary Borders - Excerpt 3
Imaginary Borders - Excerpt 4


Imaginary Borders (Tape)

Label: Granny Records

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

Preorder: To be released in August 2021


** Edition of 60 copies ** RETE is Vasilis Liolios and Savvas Metaxas. Analog modular synth, Percussion, Objects, Tapes, Prepared piano, Field recordings, Voice. Track A1-Berlikon (featuring Eleni Ikon). Words and Voice by Eleni Ikon. I am sitting in a room not that different from the one you are in now. In fact it is the same room. I am recording the sound of my speaking voice which is going to be played back into the room at another point in time. It is dark here, empty, silent. It occurs to me that this silence and stillness, this nothingness, might not actually be the opposite of somethingness.

The opposition between nothing and something is commonly equated to the one between death and life, earth and heaven, spirit and matter. But isn’t nothingness merely what my limited human ears and eyes translate as lack of sound and movement, due to their failure to perceive the ultimately noisy chaos that reveals itself once you zoom in on reality? And if something is not yet heard or seen, not yet known, isn’t it just waiting to be born? Track B2-Duality or Two Poems. Words by Lefteris Pachis, Voice by Savvas Metaxas. Composed & Recorded by RETE. Mastered by Spyros Emmanouilidis. Design & Artwork by Yorgos Vourlidas

Cat. number: Granny 28
Year: 2021