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Et Cetera, Wolfgang Dauner

Knirsch (Lp)

Label: Long Hair

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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The first ever vinyl reissue of Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera's legendary production with Colosseum drummer Jon Hiseman and jazz rock guitar player Larry Coryell. This is one of the best German jazz rock albums of all time! This edition comes with remastered sound, reproduced artwork, and a 4-sided LP-cover-sized insert offering a lot of information plus rare photos.

Knirsch is pianist/keyboardist Wolfgang Dauner’s 1972 follow-up to the eclectic free-jazz/rock improv collective Et Cetera, which was also the rather too anonymous name of a 1971 album issued in Germany on the tiny Global label.
That album carried through what Dauner started on his groundbreaking album, The Oimels (MPS, 1970), also with guitarist Sigi Schwab, bassist Eberhard Weber and drummer Roland Wittich, and presented some of the finest and spaciest German jazz rock – now called “Krautrock” – of the day.

With its follow-up, Knirsch, which is German for “crunch,” as alluded to by the trippy “bite” cover art of Frieder Grindler, who also designed ECM and Mood Records covers in the 1970s, the starry group was out and Dauner reconnected with MPS to hook up with American guitarist Larry Coryell (Chico Hamilton, Free Spirits, Gary Burton) and British drummer Jon Hiseman (aka John Hiseman, co-founder of the jazz-rock bands Colosseum and Tempest and, later, with Wolfgang Dauner, the all-star band United Jazz + Rock Ensemble).

Cat. number: LHC160
Year: 2016

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