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Francisco Meirino

La Plainte (Lp)


Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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This piece by Francisco Meirino, a commission by the Mos Espa Festival, is mostly composed from the (MEG) Geneva Ethnography Museum’s sound archives. Composed in 2016, it has been re-edited by the artist for this present LP edition by Cave 12 records.

In the MEG's archives, I first looked for acoustic events that I’ve edited, filtered, and extracted from their original context. I thus obtained a sufficiently abstract sonic-substance to be able to transform it into a hypnotic, psycho-active sound piece in the spirit of the *musique concrète*.

Some of the same effects are used as a transcommunication technique by shamans and o ther social or religious actors who use sound to gather / fill / manipulate their listeners. It is in this correlation that my work resonates with the concept of the Mos Espa festival, the jungle spirits, shamanism, trance music and so on.Composed and mixed by Francisco Meirino Graphic Design by Xavier Robel Mastering by Rashad Becker Produce by Cave 12 Records

Cat. number: C12 A 05
Year: 2018

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