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Live in Rome

Label: Second Sleep

Format: TAPE

Genre: Noise

In stock

Giovanni Donadini is a versatile artist, illustrator, musician, fashion designer Looking at his drawings, serigraphs, clothes, fanzines, his records.. is easy to see how everything is extremely connected by a common thread, a strict consistency and a deep study that affect both his works as his lifestyle.
Invited to play in Rome with his solo project, Ottaven, Giovanni consciously leaves home his usual set-up, all the pre-recorded material, his well known machines in favor of a totally improvised set.
Unconsciously, he offered us a set of two uninterrupted hours, a long, unique state of grace that is here reproduced without change, just for those who weren't there.
Edition of 60
Cat. number: SS053
Year: 2013
C 120, Edition of 60

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