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Loren Connors


Label: Recital

Format: LP

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Following the breathtaking Airs, another gem from Loren MazzaCane Connors "story of shadowed miniatures; flickering electronic guitar poems,” the 14-track album was originally burned to CD-R in an edition of 100, but is now being remastered from the original tapes, with Loren’s recent artwork included as a 6”x9” insert reaches vinyl on Sean McCann’s Recital imprint. Lullabies renders Connors at his most sublime, wistfully sanguine, swaddled in tape distortion and gentle reverbs with a barely there presence. Each piece hardly makes it beyond the 2 minute mark, acting as brief chapters in a night time tale of love and loss and the exquisite emotions that occur in the decaying space between. Gorgeous stuff.

Cat. number: R19
Year: 2016
Genre: Folk

Limited to 500 copies