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Malesch - excerpt
File under: KrautCosmic

Agitation Free

Malesch (LP)

Label: Made In Germany

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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2019 Repress. Their debut, pensive and relaxed. A masterpiece, originally released on Vertigo. A vinyl re-release of the debut-album by legendary krautrock avant garde band Agitation Free. "Not willing to compromise, and heavily into the avant-garde (many members studied with the influential Thomas Kessler) it took a long while until Agitation Free got an album out. By that time they had developed a cosmic styled rock with a strong ethnic element. Although in the spirit of Ash Ra Tempel and Pink Floyd, they had their own individual identity, with a largely improvised music that was predominantly instrumental, featuring lots of electronics, keyboards and dual guitars, and a great flair for invention. Malesch documents their trip to North Africa and the Middle East, blending location recordings together with their own compositions and improvisations, and is still quite a unique experience even today, combining cosmic, avant-garde and ethnic musics with great invention." -- The Crack in the Cosmic Egg.

File under: KrautCosmic
Cat. number: MIG 00731 LP
Year: 2019