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Master Of Pigeons
€ 12.00
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japanther - Master Of Pigeons


Master Of Pigeons

€ 12.00

GENRE: Rock | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. Menlo Park 7034 | YEAR. (2004)

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**EXCLUSIVE! There is nothing quite like attending a Japanther show, each one is a different animal, and each one brings a smile. 14 new tracks recorded over the past year. Japanther sort of call this album Òtheir positive albumÓ even though some of the songs are straight up noise, punk, and misunderstood ride your bike anthems, there is a decidedly cheery feel to some (some) of the songs; more than anything, they just want you to go and actually do something fun with your time. But wait, are Japanther now all softies? Nah, they are still unpredictable as ever, and have the tour stories to prove it. Yeah, those stories are probably all true. In the 4 years since Japanther has become a band, there have been many changes, and the 2 boys from Brooklyn have done over 14 US tours, and played over 500 shows.They've been written up in the smallest blog to the highest end European fashion mags, like some questionable café from the 70's, there's a little bit of everything here.

Notes   Tracklisting
In the booklet tracks 15 to 22 are only mentioned as 'bonus tracks recorded live at 'The Smell'. A tracklisting is not given.
1   Swearing
2   1-10
3   Midtown
4   Divorce
5   Happiness
6   Gas Station
7   Summer Hills
8   Paciffic NW Last Chance to Dance
9   Tourist
10   Evil Earth
11   Satie
12   Change Your Life
13   Stabby
14   Mornings
15   1-10 (Live)
16   Midtown (Live)
17   Evil Earth (Live)
18   Change Your Life (Live)
19   South Of Northport (Live)
20   Divorce (Live)
21   Happiness / Critical (Live)
22   Mornings (Live)