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Eddie Prévost

Material Consequences

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Matchless Recordings presents a live concert by Eddie Prévost recorded at Gateway Studio, Kingston, England on 16th of July, 2001. The album includes four tracks performed by Eddie Prévost - Percussion.

"Alone in the studio, it is just me trying to breathe life into the materials I have chosen at hand. I am looking, hoping, that something unexpected will crop up. The gongs, chimes, bells, skins, strings and resonating boxes are a rich environment. You never know for sure what you will dig up. I bow, scrape, pluck and hit direct and glancing blows in my engagement with the materials with which I have to work. I might even draw blood. The point is to mix myself with this stuff. Make it something other than it seems. Make something other of myself too." - Eddie Prévost

Cat. number: MRCD 48
Year: 2001

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