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Label: Edition RZ

Format: LP

Genre: Compositional Form

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1990 release. Six compositions by the German composer Mathias Spahlinger: ("Morendo" for orchestra), ("Yon Hier" for string quartet), ("Vier Stücke"), ("Entlöschend"), ("Storung" -- electronic music), ("Sotto Voce" -- choral work).
Mathias Spahlinger is a composer. His compositions play out in the area of tension encompassing the most diverse musical influences and style directions: Spahlinger’s works portray conflicts for which there are no defined models as such, between Renaissance and jazz, between musique concrète and Weberesque minimalism, between sound, improvisation and notation, between aesthetic autonomy and political consciousness.

Cat. number: RZ 1005
Year: 1991

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