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Mountains and Waters - excerpt 1
Mountains and Waters - excerpt 2

Banks Bailey

Mountains and Waters

Label: Unfathomless

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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**200 copies** "Mountains and Waters is an elegy to the Holocene epoch and to the quiet places that have been lost. The Holocene reaches back some 11,700 years when the last of the glacial cycles began to fade and the planet began to warm again. Since that time as we know, humans have dominated the landscape leaving very few places unchanged in some aspect. There is still debate as to when the Anthropocene began among the scientific community and no official epoch has been established. The recordings are from locations where a backpack and several days at least were needed in order to reach most of them. Of course no place is free of anthropogenic sound with air traffic what it is today but these places have retained their habitat to a certain degree due to setting aside these lands from future development. I hope we can continue to preserve these quiet places as the Anthropocene moves through these unsettled waters." - Banks Bailey, 10 July 2018

Cat. number: U59
Year: 2019

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