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Oscillation III


Format: 10xCD CDbox

Genre: Experimental

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Along the lines of the prior subscription CD EP series, Purposeful Availment and Modern Containment, Oscillation III consists of ten CDs by ten different artists which were released over the course of 2008. These discs were previously only available through Three Lobed Recordings as a complete set and not a la carte. The only way to get this set was to subscribe to the series via mailorder. Each CD is at least 25 minutes long (or longer in most cases) and features new, exclusive material from that particular artist. Each disc is only available through the purchase of a complete set. Again, these discs will *not* be sold individually (except for a small number of copies of TLR-055). Similar to the previous two series, the set comes in a hand silkscreened slipcase to house the series. The slipcase for Oscillation III features new artwork from Robert Beatty of Hair Police.
10 CDs housed in mini-LP style sleeves with inserts. Housed in a silk screened slipcase." Contains the following CDs: Bark Haze - One For Merz; Bardo Pond - Circuit VIII; Tom Carter - Skyline Grinder; Lee Ranaldo - Maelstrom From Drift; Jack Rose - I Do Play Rock And Roll; The Michael Flower Band - The Michael Flower Band; Magik Markers - Gucci Rapidshare Download; Howlin Rain - Wild Life; GHQ - Everywhere At Once; Vanishing Voice - The Morning After.
Cat. number: 045-053, 055
Year: 2010

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