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Music For Tinguely - excerpt 1
Music For Tinguely - excerpt 2
Music For Tinguely - excerpt 3

Last copies**50 copies** New designed cover version of Omega Point’s early Toshi Ichiyanagi LP appeared just now! Ichiyanagi is the best known composer for domestic and foreign avant-garde music fans. Especially during the brilliant 1960's, he created many great tape music pieces. This LP includes some of his most obscure tape works. Music for Tinguely was made from junk objects created by kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely. Appearance is a piece of live electronic music and includes the participation of John Cage and David Tudor. Very noisy and hardcore! Music for Living Space was composed for the inner space of the 'Sun Tower' at the World Expo in Osaka. It consists of a computer generated voice reading architect Kisyo Kurokawa's manifest. Quite strange!

Cat. number: OPA-005LP-RE
Year: 2019

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