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Teresa Rampazzi

Musica Endoscopica

In its constant pursue of the lost treasures of the Italian avant-garde music, Die Schachtel ­ in collaboration with the University of Padua ­ has recovered from the ashes one of the lost and truly shining diamond of the early electronic/digital scene of the 60s and 70s. After more than two years of painstaking research and audio restoration, Die Schachtel is proud to present a new release dedicated to Teresa Rampazzi, a seminal yet very little known female Italian composer/musician, Founder of the "NPS-Nuove Proposte Sonore" experimental music collective, inspirer and one of the chief protagonists of the "Centro di Sonologia Computazionale". The "Musica Endoscopica" box edition features a selection of her compositions, published here for the first time ever. "Musica Endoscopica" is an immersive journey in early digital+electro-acoustic music: dense, long drone pieces made of complex textures explore the computer's capacity to produce endless variations of source material, and at times anticipate some of the electro-feel to emerge in the years to follow.
Cat. number: DS9/2
Year: 2009
LTD 300 copies

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