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New Music From Russia; The \'80s\'


Format: CDbox 8xCD

Genre: Jazz

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An outstanding box, documenting the early 80's impro/experimental scene fro Russia - almost 10 hours of music, housed in a lavishly packaged box, with a 32 pages full color booklet, considered by the label itself as the most important release of the entire Leo Records catalogue "In a way the DOCUMENT is not only a summing up of a decade of new music in the USSR. It is also a summing up of LEO RECORDS' activity during these ten years. The advances of Soviet new music were tremendous in spite of the obstacles created by the totalitarian system, lack of facilities for musicians, lack of instruments and equipment, poor living conditions. Gone are the days when the Ganelin Trio went on tour abroad accompanied by a KGB agent. Gone are the days when LEO RECORDS was accused of illegally producing its albums. The tables are turned. At the time of writing the Soviet people are questioning the legality of the whole system. ". 1 copy only, very rare
"A fascinating monument to a decade of music from a significant music scene we still know very little about". WIRE.
"It represents the most substantial recorded evidence to date of a burgeoning movement of musical activity..." THE NEW YORK TIMES.
Cat. number: CD LR 801/808
Year: 2008

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