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Odyssee - excerpt 1
Odyssee - excerpt 2


Odyssée (Lp)

Label: Replica

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

In stock

A relatively obscure band from the underground French progrock scene from the 70's, founded by sound designer Alain Coupel and guitar player Jack Mlynski. Half King Crimson's complexity,  half Gong's fantasy, the quartet was best known for writing  songs that were deeply occult and strange. Vocals are sparse, enigmatic and ghostly. The album’s real centerpiece is “Artcane I”, a lengthy track encapsulating everything great about Artcane: patient crescendos of cosmic atmospherics, hypnotic keyboard repetitions, inspired drumming (by Daniel Locci) and creepy, dark vibrations all over the place. Killer one.
Cat. number: RPC041
Year: 2019

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