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Steve Reich


Label: Nonesuch

Format: CD x 5 Box

Genre: Compositional Form

Out of stock

Goodness me this is a little bit special - a dangerously low priced boxed set of all the major work of one of the 20th century's most important composers Steve Reich. Containing five full cds and a booklet (with loads of useful info to read while you're listening) this has everything a Reich beginner could possibly need: 'Music for 18 Musicians' (probably Reich's greatest achievement and spanning the entire first disc), 'Different Trains', 'Tehllim', 'Eight Lines', the Counterpoint series of compositions, 'Come Out', 'Drumming' and much more is seen here and treated with respect and care by Nonesuch. Rarely do such beautifully presented and comprehensive boxes come to light, and if they do then you simply have to snap them up. I can't explain the kind of influence Reich has had on modern music, experimental and otherwise - from Sonic Youth to Autechre and far beyond, the man's compositions are still setting the music world alight, and if you need proof of that all you need to do is listen to these recordings. It honestly doesn't get more crucial than this -'Phases' is a true document of modern music, and needs to be heard by all. (Boomkat)

The five-CD collection comprises fourteen of the composer’s best-known pieces, spanning the 20 years of his time on the label.

Cat. number: 7559799622
Year: 2016